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New Jane Green book out next month

I don't know if this was already posted or a known thing already, but it's new to me! - coming out in early March!

The Other Woman

Bibliographic Data: Hardcover, 400 Pages, Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated, March 2005

Author: Green, Jane

List Price: $23.95
In-store prices may vary. See your local store for the most up-to-date pricing.

Status: Not Yet Published

BINC: 7747320

ISBN: 0670034045

Shelf Location: Literature/ Fiction

About the Author: Jane Green worked for many years as a jounalist with occasional forays into public relations for film, television, and the odd celebrity.

Description: Jane Green's bestselling novels are rich with wry, clever insights into the romantic lives of her idiosyncratic heroines, winning a devoted fan base. Now, with The Other Woman, Viking will reintroduce America to the inimitable Jane Green. If opposites attract, Ellie and Dan are perfect for each other. She's impulsive; he follows all the rules. Ellie is a virtual orphan whereas Dan's family is as close-knit as they come. At first, Ellie is thrilled to be accepted into the Cooper clan and embraces Dan's mom, Linda, as the mother she never had -- until she begins to realize that Linda's "mothering" is far more intrusive than even the best daughter-in law can handle. What can Dan and his mother possibly have to talk about on the phone twice a day? And how has the intimate civil ceremony Ellie always dreamed of turned into a black-tie affair that would rival a royal wedding? Suddenly, Ellie finds herself wondering if it's possible to get an annulment -- from Linda. A hilarious yet touching look at mothers-in-law and what they teach us about ourselves, The Other Woman is a brilliant hit from a novelist whose star just continues to rise.
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