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Angry Housewives Eating BonBons

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Been reading a lot more lately. Particularly from this new "genre" of chick stories in trade sized paperbacks with colorful/appealing colors. I haven't read a bad one yet. In fact, each one would make a great movie!

I'm head over heels in love with Angry Housewives Eating BonBons by Lorna Landvik which I devoured on the plane coming back East. It's a wonderful story about several women who live on the same street who end up bonding over a book club they form. Definitely inspires you to join a book club yourself! 

I just finished reading Bad Girl Creek by Jo-Ann Mapson which is also very good. It has a really ecletic cast of a 30 something virgin in a wheelchair, a black female farrier, a bird lover who's also an ex con for having "killed" her abusive husband, and a photographer who easily looks the part of a high society gal but roams around with her beloved golden retriever. Add in a flower farm, a ghost of a strong woman, a Trash Mouth parrot and much more and you've got a great captivating story! I certainly look forward to reading other books by her soon.
Here's a taste of what you'll find.

"Phoebe?" Juan asks in the dead of the night, when we're lying spent from making love, our limbs entwined, the sheets twisted around us. "You sleeping?"

I'm dazed out of my skull, so satiated I'm beyond dreaming. His touch on my hand barely registers. I smile and squeeze his fingers. In response, he slides a ring onto one of mine. Whoa. That cool metal circle wakes me right up. I touch it with my right hand, feel the stone, and recognize without benefit of light he's just given me an engagement ring. It's like the most wonderful dream, and I guess he meant it to feel that way. All I know is I'm shaky, scared to death, and don't know what to say.

"Um, Juan?"
"Yeah, baby?"
"Aren't you supposed to get down on your knees? Not to mention give me roses?"

He makes a sound in his throat like I have to be kidding. "What do you need with roses? You got an entire flower farm."

"Well that's true. It's just that I think roses are a woman's constitutional right."

He laughs, kisses my cheek, and I can feel his guy parts stirring against my thigh, once again coming to life. My UPS deliveryman is seemingly inexhaustible. "Fine, you want roses? I'll carry you outside naked and throw you in the garden."</i>

** Ooh!! I just discovered that there are at least 2 sequels or rather the author has written two more books of the "Bad Girl Creek Stories". The title "Along Came Mary" answers what I thought was a glaring plot line left unfinished. It was a teaser for the next book! Can't wait to read it!

The last book I finished before BGC was Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes. Again it's a book about friends only this time includes a gay man in a foursome group who live in London. Three of the friends had lived in the same small irish town growing up and the fourth is a swedish woman. Reminds me of Seinfeld & Friends a bit for the "neurosis" factor which is entertaining but not overwhelming or detracting.

The previous evening, to Katherine's horror, Tara had taken out the sweater that she'd been knitting for Thomas and said, "I might as well finish it and give it to him. It's a shame to waste it."

"No!" Katherine had jumped up, grabbed the needles, yanked the half-knitted sleeve from them, and torn frantically at the wool, unraveling line after line of stitches. "It's only an excuse to see him. Like the money he owes you, and the shower curtain you left behind, and the fact that you forgot to kick Beryl before you left. No, Tara, no!".

Tara's face was luminous with amazement. "Okay," she whispered.

Anyways, tonight I did some poking around and found this lj community so here I am!
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